Monday, November 9, 2009

The right wing fringe can't handle the truth...

Truth is, corporate control of the US
government cost us our economic,
military, & technological preparedness.

And the corporate operatives who
worked so hard to undermine this
nation during the Cheney/Bush fiasco...
are investing in China and India rather
than supplying American jobs.

If Obama invests in America and ends corporate
adventurism abroad... we have a chance to repair
these damages. If not, our decline will continue,
virtually unabated, for the next half century.

It will take more than a Roosevelt Republican like Obama,
a cowardly congress, or a lackadaisical court to fix this mess.
It will take alert active citizens willing to put it on the line, remove
corporate legislators, vote for reform, and when necessary...
take it to the streets.

We can do it through civic-engagement, education reform,
single-payer healthcare, investment at home, and an end to
corporate neo-colonialism.The cure for fear-mongering and lies...
is a dollop of courage and one big serving of the flat truth.