Friday, January 29, 2010

Oregon Food Bank

I hope that 2010 is off to a good start for you.
Oregon Food Bank has been very busy over
the last several months. They continue to see
record levels of need across Oregon and
southwest Washington. They need help.

Helpers can organize a food drive, make a
donation, or write a letter to congress. 
Make a difference. For more ideas,
contact Orgeon Food Bank today.
Volunteer: Check the  website for opportunities!

Monday, January 4, 2010

What are Measures 66 and 67?

What are Measures 66 and 67?

M66 and M67 were the Oregon Legislature's
praiseworthy attempt to deal with the 2008-09
economic disaster by balancing cuts and increasing revenue.

Just about everything was cut, including Community Colleges
(by over $50 million for the biennium, hitting all Oregon CCs
harder than PCC). M66 and M67 would raise almost $800 million,
and over $1 billion when Federal matching dollars are included.
If those Measures do not pass, the "job killing" that opponents
predict actually will happen, since upwards of 90% of the $800 million
lost over 18 months goes to pay salaries of Oregonians--educators,
health professionals, public safety professionals--
and countless thousands of jobs will be lost.
 has an interesting site showing possible financial hits
should the Measures fail, by county, including:

"Multnomah County Community Colleges,
including Portland Community College: could be forced to raise
tuition 9%, cap enrollment, reduce days, and eliminate faculty
positions as a result of a 5% reduction in Community College State Funding."