Monday, August 13, 2012

A FEW WORDS ABOUT Voting for Obama in 2012


No Fear, No Compromise, and No Surrender This Fall
  Some Reasons Why I Cannot Vote for Obama
I refuse to surrender to fear and compromise with evil.

    by Tim Flanagan,
          contributing editor of The Portland Alliance
         This editorial piece does not necessarily reflect the views
          of NAAME, Inc.
This information based on public records.

1. He did not even propose the public option healthcare system:
    he campaigned on that system, promising to propose it.
    Instead he orchestrated putting insurance cartels in charge of
    our health care delivery system, with mandated payments
    according to rates determined by this industry.  A sellout,
    pure and simple.  He took universal nonprofit heatlh care off
    the table, instead of taking the transnational insurance cartel
    profiteers off the table.

2. He has appointed countless Wall Street Insiders to his top
    economic team and failed to appoint labor voices and/or
    progressive advocates.

3. He bailed out Wall Street instead of Main Street: remember
    TARP? And then the banks dispensed $6 billion in bonuses in
    that year to their executives.  Americans are losing their homes,
    often due to outrageous medical expenses and corporate fraud.
    Where is our bail out? We got sold out.
4. He failed to attack the mortgage crisis, leaving an elephant
    still in our “room”, with one-third of home mortgages now
    underwater and no relief in sight.

5. He failed to veto the National Defense Authorization Act, and
    made no effort to restore habeas corpus.  Instead of closing
    Gitmo, ending indiscriminate wiretapping, and banning
    "rendering," Obama has endorsed government arrests and
    indefinite prison without a trial or hearing, including the
    possibility of rendering Americans to be tortured, raped, or
    murdered overseas.

6. He agreed to an extension of the Bush tax cuts for the rich,
    and on top of this, he agreed to an egregious reduction of estate
    taxes on the rich, exempting as much as $10 million from any
    estate taxes and lowering the overall estate tax rate.
7. He failed to indict and imprison any of the banksters involved
    in all of that fraud on Wall Street from the subprime mortgage,
    including robo-signing, and selling shit-backed mortgage
    securities known to be worthless. And he has refused to
    prosecute war profiteers who cost us trillions of dollars in
    resources and millions of lives. Hold them accountable!

8. He appointed Jeffrey Immelt to head his Jobs Council when GE
    has been selling us up the Yangste river and shipping jobs over-
    seas while closing plants here in the US.  It is time for jobs with
    justice on American soil.  We must inveset in rebuilding our
    infrastructure as a matter of job security and national security.

9. President Obama is now considering and proposing to lower the
    corporate tax rate to 26%, when corporations are not only at a
    low-time rate of paying taxes but getting billions in tax
    subsidies from our government and opening up offices on the
    19th floor of one building on the Cayman Islands to avoid taxes
    altogether.  The corporate elite should pay their fair share.
    Currently the average Fortune 500 corporation pays 8.4%
    in taxes. (If they pay any at all.)

10. President Obama spoke in favor of PIPA and SOPA, when the
    internet is the last vestige of free speech and the availability of
    free information to the general public.

11. There were no indictments by President Obama of all the con-
    tractor fraud reported by Bernie Sanders and Ron Paul in a
    Congressional Report released over a year ago. Whenever the
    rich and big corporations are caught in fraud, Eric Holder adopts
    a policy of “looking forward”, instead of holding them account-
    able. So they smile, take it to the bank, and do it again.

12. President Obama agreed to a “grand bargain” t) to cut over $2
    trillion in spending, including social security, medicare, medicaid,
    and other social safety-net programs merely in return for
    hypothetical “revenue increases” of $800 billion relying on
    “dynamic scoring”.  And he endorsed continuing corporate
    wars of aggression and exploitation whose expense continues
    to suck us dry.

13. President Obama has done nothing to level the trade treaties,
    where corporations are shipping labor to Cambodia and to
    China, the Philippines, etc., where labor is paid 25 cents or less
    per hour. This is exporting slavery to other countries. Where is
    the level playing field for Americans?  We need fair trade not
    corporate welfare.

14. President Obama in 2009 only proposed $140 billion in infra-
    structure spending when Paul Krugman and other economists
    predicted that $1.5 trillion was needed for our economy to
    recover. And last year only proposed a paltry $108 billion in
    infrastructure spending. If we ended the corporate wars of
    exploitation abroad, we could bring home the troops and begin
    rebuilding America. These project would create jobs with justice
    and all ships would rise.

15. President Obama praised the recent JOBS Act, which allows
    corporations to go public and raise capital without audited
    financial information in their public presentations for the first 5
    years, allowing them to present fictitious numbers and defraud
    investors.  He is not on our side.

16. President Obama has failed to propose the return of Glass-
    Steagall, separating commercial and investment banking, which
    will soon plunge us back into another mega-bailout of Wall Street.

17. President Obama has failed to propose the break up of the big
    banks and corporations. Whatever happened to the Sherman
    Anti-Trust Act?  We need responsible remediation and regulation
    so that deep pocket transnationals don't call the shots and hurt
    most American taxpayers.

18. President Obama touted a $25 billion robo-signing settlement
    when a trillion dollars of our pension and retirement funds were
    stolen.  Instead we should hold them accountable, put the
    profiteers in jail, and demand full reparations.

19. While campaigning, President Obama promised to put on his
    walking shoes for labor, but failed to even show up in Wisconsin
    and walk the picket line against Governor Walker.

20. President Obama has not declared war on the Supreme Court,
    as President Roosevelt did, to oppose the corporate/rich posture
    of Scalia, Kennedy, Thomas, Alito, and Roberts. Why not take
    them on?

21. President Obama has arrested and raided more marijuana users
    in less than four years than George Bush did in eight years.  Why
    is President Obama proposing cuts to social security, medicare,
    and medicaid while spending more on marijuana arrests and
    raids, especially when a majority of Americans are for legalization
    of pot and for the open sale of marijuana for medical use?

22. Obama endorses the murder of US prisoners.  This results in
    innocent deaths and does not deter crime.  This posture is in
    violation of international law and treaties we have signed.

23. Obama embraces the Bush Doctrine: he claims we have a "right"
    to attack anyone, anywhere, anytime, for any reason, or without
    providing any reason at all.  This is dangerous, short-sighted, and
    puts this nation and our troops overseas at avoidable risk.

24. Obama support offshore drilling and drilling in protected habitats.

24. Obama has not adequately addressed our failing schools. We
    need to put teachers back in charge and get untrained school
    board members out of the classroom.  Trained professional
    educators can to a better job than local untrained business owners.

25. Obama has betrayed those who voted for him on every issue
    at every turn. He has governed like a right-wing hawk.  He plays
    fast and loose with human lives and embraces corporatism, even
    when this posture costs trillions of dollars in profiteering and
    corruption while making us less safe.  This bad judgement has
    crippled this nation and made us less effective in negotiations
    around the globe. Instead of a rising tide we have sinking ships.
    We need effective, principled, progressive leadership to build
    bridges to a more prosperous and promising future.

26. Obama has not even bothered to address our economic crisis.
    He has not addressed homelessness, declining wages, hunger,
    joblessness, and critical infrastructure: housing, parks, highways,
    bridges, ports, electrical grids, schools, libraries, research facilities,
    and so much more.

27. Obama sends drones overseas to bomb sovereign nations (an
    act of war). This aggression costs innocent lives and creates
    more enemies.  It is also illegal according to US law,
    constitutional mandates, and international law.