Friday, March 27, 2009

Should We Start Another Korean War?

The suggestions that we start
a new Korean war are ludicrous.
A profoundly idiotic idea.
Regardless of how many
times North Korea tests
its missiles,this testing
does not constitute an
existential threat to the
United States or our allies.

Mutually assured destruction is not a
reasonable option or a sane alternative.
The greatest problem is simply the
asymmetry of America and Korea:
for fifty years the United States has
meant everything to Korea, but Korea
still means little to the United States.
In fact, some of the suggestions for a
response to the missile tests that have
significantly increased international
tensions are more dangerous than
the specter of a North Korean
missile capability itself.

Launching pre-emptive airstrikes or
even imposing economic sanctions
would be far more provocative and
dangerous than relying on deterrence
and engaging Pyongyang in strategic
diplomatic encounters. We need cool
heads to prevail in Washington and
the various East Asian capitals. North
Korea is an annoying problem, but it
is not an overwhelming threat.

This is no time for childish notions,
Hollywood hooliganism, or for
neonatal neanderthals to allow petulant
schoolyard cowboy machismo to
overrule objectivity, rationality,
and common sense. The Bush doctrine
of preemptive aggression contradicts
our most basic beliefs and values.
Beyond this, such sociopathological
behavior flies in the face of the
recommendations of our intelligence
community and the Pentagon.
The state department should butt out.
Those who are better trained
and more adequately briefed must
deal with this situation.

We have seeen the results of politicizing
our military perogatives. We do not need
unending wars and unbridled corporate
aggression. The misuse of our military
forces as enforcement for cost-plus,
no-bid contracts for corporate transnationals
has proven unproductive, unsafe, and a threat
to our economnic and military security interests.
We cannot afford to gamble our future on the
posturings of entertainers or the pretensions
of partisan pundits. Never again.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

The so-called "Socialist Threat"

Socialism, capitalism, communism,
liberalism, conservatism, or other Isms...
cannot "hurt" this country.

Any who think socialism can hurt America,
grossly underestimate everyday people.

Neither socialism nor other isms can touch us.
Faith, hope, and courage will conquer fear.

Cheap talk about socialism, terrorism,
Islamic fascism, weapons of destruction,
and the efficacy of torture... represent
a surrender to fear.

We must find courage,
and refuse to surrender to fear
or compromise our values.

After 14 years of nonsense,
(the Bush/Obama agenda)...

"Tension, apprehension,and dissention have begun,
   and "a change is gonna come."


(with apologies to Alfred Bester and Sam Cooke)

The United States and Our United Nations

The Limbaughs and Hannitys of the world would
have us believe that honoring our treaties and
living up to our commitments makes us subservient
to allies who trust us. Nothing could be further
from the truth. We are one of many nations and
peoples who band together to coordinate efforts
around the world. We explore outer space, sustain
the environment, nurture better schools, deliver
health-care, alleviate poverty, reduce homelessness,
fight injustice, secure peace, enhance freedom, and
protect personal liberty in all nations.

The right-wing, mean-extremes of selfishness and narcissism
are not viable platforms. These are symptoms of a lack of
actualization. When people mature, they are capable of reaching
beyond themselves to become part of their communities.

Civic-engagement is not something to be mocked, except by
deviants, juvenile delinquents, criminals, sociopaths, and
other sorts of antisocial types. (Or perhaps entertainers
appealing to the lowest common denominators: greed,
selfishness, agression, and immaturity.)

We have signed treaties with our allies. We are obligated to honor
those agreements because we operate according to the rule of law
guided by moral principles and intelligence. These are the lines
in the sand which define civilization. Those who reject such
cooperation and community development court disaster. We just
threw a couple of them out of the White House.
Now more mature and informed voices can be heard.

It is well worth listening to this redemptive symphony of hope.
Those who promote hopelessness are out of step with America.