Monday, April 29, 2013

News Bytes: Supreme Court may find DOMA unconstitutional

Sen. Johanns expects the Supreme Court to overturn DOMA April 29, 2013 by 

Sen. Mike Johanns says though it is difficult to predict how the United States Supreme Court will rule on an issue, indications are that the court is ready to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act.
Johanns says it appears a majority is emerging on the Supreme Court which concludes states define marriage.
“If that holds together, what that would mean is that the Supreme Court, kind of on a state’s rights theory, would say, ‘Look states you define what marriage will be, but Defense of Marriage Act would be unconstitutional,’” Johanns tells Nebraska Radio Network.
That, though, could cause problems.
Johanns suggests it might take years of litigation to determine how a same-sex couple married in one state will be treated under the law if it moves to a state that doesn’t recognize same-sex unions.
AUDIO: Brent Martin reports [:40]

Sunday, April 21, 2013

No toxic waste is required, thank you.

Fluoride is bad news.
The good news is this!  Right now Portland, Oregon
has some of the cleanest water on the planet.

A proposal to dump toxic waste in public drinking water, without asking  permission, is a bad idea.  Those who orchestrated this five million dollar swindle have betrayed our trust. No means no: the people said no twice.

Dumping contaminants into the Portland area water supply, thus compromising the whole water table, makes no sense. The only ones who profit from this unseemly arrangement are corporate CEO's getting paid millions for toxic waste and a public snow job... on our dime.  We can do better.

The most current science indicates fluoridation is ineffective and potentially dangerous. Fluoride has never been approved for human consumption by the FDA.  It is not appropriate to sidestep or dismiss this health issue. Vote for clean water, vote No on allowing industrial waste in drinking water.

- Not FDA Approved for Ingestion - National Health  

Ballots for the Special Election will be mailed May 3rd!
Yes to Clean Water, No to Toxic Waste...
See Bruce Sussman picture of the Bull Run

             REGISTER ONLINE to vote by 4/30!

National Mail Voter Registration Form

What It Is. The National Mail Voter Registration Form is the one document that allows you to register to vote from anywhere in the United States.

Why Should You Vote NO on Fluoridation?

1. Fluoridation Chemicals Threaten Clean Water
Fluoridation would mean adding 1.1 millions pounds a year of fluorosilicic acid, an unpurified industrial byproduct of fertilizer production to some of the world’s best water. Read more

2. Recent Science Shows Health Risks
Major scientific studies from the National Academy of Sciences and others have reported serious uncertainties and risks from fluoride in drinking water, including decreased childhood IQ and thyroid disorders. Recent science has also led to warnings against regularly mixing infant formula with fluoridated water to avoid excessive exposure for infants. Read more

3. Better Alternatives For Kids' Teeth and Health

Across the United States cities that have been fluoridated for decades are still facing dental health problems. Increasing access to care and prevention education is the only real solution to improving kids' dental health.
Instead of spending up to $7 million on a fluoridation plant and $500,000 or more a year on fluoridation chemicals, a comparable investment in increased access to care would better help at-risk kids while protecting the entire community from the health risks of fluoridation.

Read more
at Clean Water Portland:  Located at 1125 SE Madison ST #112, Portland, OR 97214 Tel. 503.893.8999
Fluoridation would mean adding 1.1 millions pounds a year of fluorosilicic acid,...See More

Friday, April 19, 2013

The recent bombings at home and abroad are endemic and systemic.  Bombings are often political. The Central Intelligence Agency,
acting as an enforcement arm of the Trilateral Commission, under the auspices of the United States Government, has been supporting, encouraging, facilitating, and engaged in bombing a variety of sites and locations for "political" reasons as basic and misguided as a temporal corporate bottom line.
And yet, lives still hang in the balance...

Life remains political. We can debunk the junk, speak truth to power, and daily mourn for lives lost in Pakistan, Yemen, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, and the Palestinian territories. And victims in the USA and elsewhere: some "rendered" citizens for
to be tortured, raped, and or murdered under the veil of state secrecy and a guise of national security. These extra-legal crimes proceed with the full consent and approval of congress. To mourn is only
a beginning.  Afterwards we must stand up and fight back.

To cope with the daily deaths, one can only offer what seem endless condolences, and still engage in political discussions during planning, organizing, and preparation for revolutionary acts to help prevent needless deaths and expose the culprits. When people get real news they tend to do the right thing.

Video-games, movies, and popular entertainment are symptoms reflecting dysfunctional corporate culture. We lost a few battles. Military, industrial, corporate, government, and educational tides favoring or condoning war-based economic initiatives must be challenged. We can use the media, including radio, television, movies, films, videos, gatherings, rallys, seminars, webinars, meetings, books, marches, newsletters, websites, blogs, social media, and a variety of alternative media to inform and educate for social change that makes a difference.

Drone murders and corporate ambitions abroad, including overt and covert wars in dozens of nations, will only be ameliorated or ended by our care in nurturing incipient liberation. Growing movements, organizations, and counter-cultural efforts for peace, justice, and freedom will be out in the streets on Mayday. Join us if you can...  We are under attack, but more and more of us are standing up and fighting back. Even in our mourning the dead, let us join together in celebration of life. "Occupation" movement is only a new beginning to an old story.

                                            Viva La Revolution!  Resist!   Life is fine... enjoy.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Obama is a Republicon

The corporate press is very powerful.
Here is Obama's record of betrayal:

Four Five new wars, for a total of six... Seven!

Illegal drones, 
Support for capital punishment,

Mandated corporate control of health care delivery,

Reductions in civil rights: wiretapping, state secrets, rendering, a
nd the declaration of a presidential right
to kill any American,
anytime, anywhere, for any
reason or without providing any reason at all.

Which of these "accomplishments" most appeals to you?

Where do you get your "news?"

Here is the NW Alliance for Alternative Media & Education: