Sunday, March 27, 2011

What "The Left" Thinks About Oil Prices...

1. The oil companies set the prices to make as much as they can,
     regardless of what that may cost this nation.
2. Congress gets paid off and does not regulate the oil company
     behavior. (Like forcing them to pay taxes.)
3. The president can either use the bully pulpit to influence pricing
      or not.  Mostly not.
4. It is all about greed. The war in Iraq was all about oil. Libya is
     being bombed because they have lots of oil and are a weak
     nation we can easily attack, invade, occupy, and exploit. Since
     domestic oil companies are extracting a US taxpayer asset,
     FOR NOTHING, they are robbing us blind. They should be
     paying their share of our tax burden. (aka they should pay for
     the oil they steal and share the profits they make.)  If they did,
     we would not be closing schools, laying off police, and
     watching our infrastructure deteriorate beyond repair...

                  ...Oil is a pretty slippery subject.