Sunday, February 1, 2009

Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Barack Obama

FDR's leadership helped save American Families from their suffering which was a direct
result of the devastating depression caused by Hoover's pandering to speculators...

There are some who pontificate about the "salvation of capitalism...." but this phrase has
much in common with "the war on terror..."

Capitalism is a label which poorly characterizes the socioeconomic system in America, now or then. And it has relatively little in common with the specific programs instituted under FDR
Terrorism is a tactic, and does not describe why we enforce the corporate occupation of Iraq,
nor does it provide any rational basis for our invasion of a non-agressive soverign nation.

I hope that Obama can relieve the suffering of American workers.I certainly do not expect him fundamentally address the forces which allow injustice and inequity to endure and survive. But if his incremental steps are as useful as FDR's fortunate stumblings, I'ill consider this a blessing.

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