Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Is Terroism the Enemy We Face?

(9/11 Terror)

Our enemies are
not terrorism,
tanks, or bombs.

These are tactics.
And this has
nothing to do
with semantics. (Terror in Iraq)

Our enemies are people who commit
acts of agression which include murder,
rape, residential bombings, homicide
attacks, home destruction, crop
destruction, and invasions of soverign

When leaders of other
nations commit these (Gaza Terror)
crimes or finance those
who commit these crimes....
or when our own leaders
commit these crimes in
our names, this surrender
to fear and the tactics
of terror makes them,
and us, criminals.

In a nation ruled by law,
murder is wrong and
peace is preferable.
When we have strong,
credible, leaders we can
secure lasting peace,
repair infrastructure,
achieve reconciliation,
reform alliances, and
rebuild what irresponsible
felons have destroyed.

And we must end the occupations.
We can begin by telling the truth.

best regards, Tim

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