Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rationalizing Torture...

By definition, those who
torture, murder, and rape
are criminals.

This separates humanity
from dumb animals.
Some people stupidly
attempt to rationalize
torture, rape, and murder.
Their criminal behavior
or "situational ethics" leaves
in jail, in trouble, or dead.

Moral compunction is another option. Most of us
develop integrity, find courage, and have values.
These are choices we make as adults. Yet some
people refuse to grow. They reject the moral authority
of parents, church, community, or ancestors. They hold
themselves above the law, unaccountable... and feel
entitled to live without scruples, standards, or honor.

Fortunately we outnumber these clueless sociopaths.
The poster boys for prolonged adolesence, George
and Dick, have been thrown out of the White House
they hijacked. We are returning to our roots as a
nation of law. Courage and integrity have trumped
fear and amorality.

Those who insist on abnormal and antisocial behavior
will have to get used to obeying the law. They can
mend their ways or pay the piper.

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