Monday, January 4, 2010

What are Measures 66 and 67?

What are Measures 66 and 67?

M66 and M67 were the Oregon Legislature's
praiseworthy attempt to deal with the 2008-09
economic disaster by balancing cuts and increasing revenue.

Just about everything was cut, including Community Colleges
(by over $50 million for the biennium, hitting all Oregon CCs
harder than PCC). M66 and M67 would raise almost $800 million,
and over $1 billion when Federal matching dollars are included.
If those Measures do not pass, the "job killing" that opponents
predict actually will happen, since upwards of 90% of the $800 million
lost over 18 months goes to pay salaries of Oregonians--educators,
health professionals, public safety professionals--
and countless thousands of jobs will be lost.
 has an interesting site showing possible financial hits
should the Measures fail, by county, including:

"Multnomah County Community Colleges,
including Portland Community College: could be forced to raise
tuition 9%, cap enrollment, reduce days, and eliminate faculty
positions as a result of a 5% reduction in Community College State Funding."

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