Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Right Wing Claims To Care About US Troops

But progressive Americans and US Peace Movement members
want to secure the peace rather than waste American lives in
ill-advised corporate invasions and occupations overseas.

Anyone who thinks sending our military to die for Fortune 500
adventurism abroad has anything to do with caring about
military personnel...  has a problem with basic logic. Dick and
George lied us into a war which has cost millions of lives.  

This has been a disaster for everyone.  Obama, the closet
Republican, perpetuates this error.

But history speaks:  "In 1944, Democratic President
Franklin Roosevelt enacted the historic G.I. Bill,
initiating the Democrats’ longstanding commitment
to providing America’s veterans access to higher
education and the promise of success as a civilian
—a commitment that remains strong today."

The left wing cares about people first.
For the right wing mean extreme...
profits trump people.

We can do better.

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