Friday, April 19, 2013

The recent bombings at home and abroad are endemic and systemic.  Bombings are often political. The Central Intelligence Agency,
acting as an enforcement arm of the Trilateral Commission, under the auspices of the United States Government, has been supporting, encouraging, facilitating, and engaged in bombing a variety of sites and locations for "political" reasons as basic and misguided as a temporal corporate bottom line.
And yet, lives still hang in the balance...

Life remains political. We can debunk the junk, speak truth to power, and daily mourn for lives lost in Pakistan, Yemen, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, and the Palestinian territories. And victims in the USA and elsewhere: some "rendered" citizens for
to be tortured, raped, and or murdered under the veil of state secrecy and a guise of national security. These extra-legal crimes proceed with the full consent and approval of congress. To mourn is only
a beginning.  Afterwards we must stand up and fight back.

To cope with the daily deaths, one can only offer what seem endless condolences, and still engage in political discussions during planning, organizing, and preparation for revolutionary acts to help prevent needless deaths and expose the culprits. When people get real news they tend to do the right thing.

Video-games, movies, and popular entertainment are symptoms reflecting dysfunctional corporate culture. We lost a few battles. Military, industrial, corporate, government, and educational tides favoring or condoning war-based economic initiatives must be challenged. We can use the media, including radio, television, movies, films, videos, gatherings, rallys, seminars, webinars, meetings, books, marches, newsletters, websites, blogs, social media, and a variety of alternative media to inform and educate for social change that makes a difference.

Drone murders and corporate ambitions abroad, including overt and covert wars in dozens of nations, will only be ameliorated or ended by our care in nurturing incipient liberation. Growing movements, organizations, and counter-cultural efforts for peace, justice, and freedom will be out in the streets on Mayday. Join us if you can...  We are under attack, but more and more of us are standing up and fighting back. Even in our mourning the dead, let us join together in celebration of life. "Occupation" movement is only a new beginning to an old story.

                                            Viva La Revolution!  Resist!   Life is fine... enjoy.

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