Thursday, April 3, 2014

The bottom line on Obama.

 Obama is a war criminal.

 And Hillary is complicit in war crimes.

Neither Barack Obama nor Hillary Clinton
belong in the presidency.  Nor does Biden.
The proof is in the puddin'.

This is not slander, nor is this a smear.

Simple facts:

1.  Obama has engaged in at least five new extra-constitutional and illegal wars since taking office:  
These corporate wars feed the munitions industry
by selling arms to both sides of US-sponsored wars.

2.  Barack surrendered to the insurance cartels on health care:  
The usual suspects, who have been betting against the health of the American people for years... now set the rates, call the shots and are mandated payments... even from those who do not choose to purchase the product.
All this is done to preserve the corporate 
bottom line instead of serving public health needs. And thirty million Americans will not be provided any health care. 

3.  A surrender to transnational economic cartels on not only corporate
ambitions abroad... but also in supporting demonstrably unsafe offshore
drilling.  Obama also endorses fracking, allows regulatory neglect and agrees with precipitous and wrong-headed wilderness development by extraction industries. 

4.  A refusal to create jobs with justice by rebuilding our deteriorating infrastructure. 
Instead of investing in the American people, those who own the natural resources 
of the planet have convinced Obama to ship American jobs overseas. This  enhances short term corporate bottom lines, instead of taking care of the business of the American people.   

5.  Obama sacrificed an opportunity to shut down seven corporate wars of choice.

~These are not party issues: 
The current administration is corrupt.
The previous administration was corrupt.

We should throw the current bums out and 
prosecute them
and the previous corporate cons for crimes against the American people . 

Obama could shut down seven conflicts of choice,
implement non-profit single payer health care and
spend these peace and health dividends on
rebuilding ports, roads, bridges, and infrastructure.

All ships can rise, once we find the courage.

Obama stands in support of judicial homicide and claims 

a "right" to murder anyone, anywhere, anytime, for any
reason, or without having to provide any reason at all.
This must not stand. 

Timothy Martin Flanagan's photo.Criticism of Boehner has focused on his ties to lobbyists, especially

If impeachment were even possible, the removal of Obama and Biden leaves Representative John Bohner in charge until 2016.  He seeks a safer bet than the fatal and sion Obama has implemented.

Boehner is most criticized for his ties with the tobacco and banking industries.  has been skewered on Saturd
ay Night Live, mocked for crying in public, as well as for his perennial tan. He has been re-elected to Congress 10 times.

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