Thursday, March 12, 2009

The United States and Our United Nations

The Limbaughs and Hannitys of the world would
have us believe that honoring our treaties and
living up to our commitments makes us subservient
to allies who trust us. Nothing could be further
from the truth. We are one of many nations and
peoples who band together to coordinate efforts
around the world. We explore outer space, sustain
the environment, nurture better schools, deliver
health-care, alleviate poverty, reduce homelessness,
fight injustice, secure peace, enhance freedom, and
protect personal liberty in all nations.

The right-wing, mean-extremes of selfishness and narcissism
are not viable platforms. These are symptoms of a lack of
actualization. When people mature, they are capable of reaching
beyond themselves to become part of their communities.

Civic-engagement is not something to be mocked, except by
deviants, juvenile delinquents, criminals, sociopaths, and
other sorts of antisocial types. (Or perhaps entertainers
appealing to the lowest common denominators: greed,
selfishness, agression, and immaturity.)

We have signed treaties with our allies. We are obligated to honor
those agreements because we operate according to the rule of law
guided by moral principles and intelligence. These are the lines
in the sand which define civilization. Those who reject such
cooperation and community development court disaster. We just
threw a couple of them out of the White House.
Now more mature and informed voices can be heard.

It is well worth listening to this redemptive symphony of hope.
Those who promote hopelessness are out of step with America.


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