Thursday, March 12, 2009

The so-called "Socialist Threat"

Socialism, capitalism, communism,
liberalism, conservatism, or other Isms...
cannot "hurt" this country.

Any who think socialism can hurt America,
grossly underestimate everyday people.

Neither socialism nor other isms can touch us.
Faith, hope, and courage will conquer fear.

Cheap talk about socialism, terrorism,
Islamic fascism, weapons of destruction,
and the efficacy of torture... represent
a surrender to fear.

We must find courage,
and refuse to surrender to fear
or compromise our values.

After 14 years of nonsense,
(the Bush/Obama agenda)...

"Tension, apprehension,and dissention have begun,
   and "a change is gonna come."


(with apologies to Alfred Bester and Sam Cooke)

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