Monday, September 14, 2009

Preemptive Terrorism...

One cannot bomb a nation and a people
because we disagree with their leaders.

In 2001 the USA was bombed because some
Saudi Arabians felt we had inferior leaders.
Sick theories about the efficacy of preemptive
aggression violate every American tradition.

Preemptive war only legitimzes attacks on this
nation. Soverign nations must not be attacked,
invaded, or occupied unless they have attacked,
invaded, or occupied another soverign state.
Our nation was founded up0n, guided by, and
kept safe according to these principles until the
"Bush doctrine" was embraced. We have seen
the folly of that doctrine. We got hit on their watch.

Those who advocate bombing Iran because we do not like
their leader are insane. Reckless aggressors who subscribe to such
theories are why we were attacked on 9/11. We cannot defeat our
enemies by surrendering to tactics of terror and methods of fascism.
Such illogical and perverse "theories" are nonsense. Amoral
preemptive aggression is terrorism, pure and simple.

Bad tactics, bad ideas, and bad news. Those who claim ethics are
"situational," are sociopaths and criminals without scruples or
integrity. We need not surrender our principles to secure our liberty.
best regards, Tim

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