Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tinfoil hats, torture, fear-mongering, and lies...

I have noticed over the years that
tinfoil hat, right wing ideagogues.
The apologists for neo-fascisim.
The con-men.

Those willing to embrace wiretapping,
torture, murder, rape, or any other manner
of atrocity which might advance their
ideological agenda... have standard
tactics they use when avoiding issues,
discussions, or constructive arguments
based in fact.

Rather than addresssing real
situations, specific issues, or
practical matters... they
prefer hypotheical cases.

Instead of facing the fact that Iran is a
nation full of people who have been victimized
by their leaders, they propose that we consider
nonexistant neighbors in pretend back yards who
they imagine may be building flame throwers or
ticking bombs. They find paranoid fantasies more
compelling than facing the truth or real issues.

But for anyone who really
wants to talk about Iran,
we have a large Persian
community right here
in Portland, Oregon.
Many of these good people
are my friends. They can
provide the information

necessary to prevent fanatics, syncophants, and the
misguided... from lobbying for the murder of their
families and destruction of their nation.

Hateful and fear-mongering, based on
partisan claptrap, disinformation, distortion,
logical fallacies, and flat lies are no way to
run a nation, a neighborhood, or your life.
We can educate the clueless. Yes we can.

in peace and with best regards,


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