Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Is Obama a one-term wonder?

Obama will more than likely
serve two terms, even if he
does not deliver sufficient
reasons for hope or
fundamental change.
     Barack is immensely popular
in spite of being to the right of the
general population.  By virtue of
his political talents, personal
charisma, and speaking skills,
he is able to talk the right talk
while walking in the wrong
direction. Hopefully he will
do more good than harm.
So far, he has improved our
image abroad and provided
more health care access.
This is a beginning.
       Our Republican defense secretary (Gates)
and corporate misadventures abroad will be the
biggest problems for the Democrats this November.
This wrong-headed and dangerous embrace of
the "Bush agenda" cannot stand.
       As we continue to provide critical information
and organize, more and more working Americans
will demand jobs, universal healthcare, functioning
schools, and a restoration of civil rights, the rule of law,
and constitutional integrity.
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