Monday, March 15, 2010

Politics 101

There is a hair's breadth difference between
conscientious conservatives and good-hearted,
well-informed  progressives.

These are liberal American traditions which
advocate small government, peace, freedom,
liberty, and reform. Unfortunately, radical right
wing extremists hijacked the Republican Party
and spineless prognosticators who are
too willing to compromise control the
Democratic Party.

Under Republicans for the past eight years...
due to corruption, arrogance, malfeasance,
studious ignorance, and criminal conduct
tantamount to treason.... our military
is overextended, our intelligence services
compromised, the economy destroyed
our reputation undermined, credibility crushed,
and we have been embarassed and
dishonored by amorality, torture, rape,
wiretapping, and murder which has
cost a million lives, five million refugees,
three trillion dollars, and this nation's soul.

The Democratic leadership,
including Pelosi and Reid,
were complicit in these crimes.

Obama was the lesser of evils in 2008.  But so far
he has offered only expanded war, continued
corruption, "preemptive" aggression, corporate
health care denial, and a cowardly surrender
to amoral thugs.

He may marginally improve tax codes, grow the
middle class, and give working people more voice.
And we might persuade him to do the right thing
next term, bus so far it looks like transnationals
are still calling the shots.  

The Republicans will continue to shoot themselves
in the foot while extremists at their helm remain
cowardly, corrupt, and clueless.

But hope, faith, compassion, and courage will
triumph over cynicism, hate, and fear. 
America can wake up, and the
Working Families Party offers
real choices. 

best regards, Tim

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