Monday, April 25, 2011

On Flogging, Beating, Torture, Rape, Murder & other crimes and perversions.

Dear Mr. Moskos,
History has lessons for us. Violence begets violence. Murdering people
has never stopped people from murdering people. Beating people will 
not stop people from beating people. Abrahamic traditions agree the 
greatest commandment is love. Loving your neighbor as you would 
be loved, is the sum of wisdom. There is no defense for rape, torture,
brutality, or murder. Courage is the cure for fear, and faith is the bridge 
to freedom. A sad and cowardly surrender to violence, war, hatred 
and cruelty... is foolish, imprudent, criminal behavior which must 
not be condoned, ignored, or embraced. We can do better. 

Torture and brutality are slippery slopes toward rape, murder, 
perversity, and chaos. Fortunately, most people understand the 
difference between crude violence and creative reconciliation. 
We can all get along without wallowing in the gutter with criminals. 
Judicial homicide and torture are illegal, immoral, and ineffective. 
This is why all civilized nations have rejected capital 
punishment and torture. Perhaps if we join them we can 
all get along and build bridges to a better tomorrow. 

Those who encourage violence are part of the problem. 
If we want creative social change and a better future for 
our children, we will work together for peace, justice, 
and freedom.  

Values, principles, and truth matter. Those who embrace 
violence are wrestling with their own personal demons 
in a match they  are destined to lose. With love, we can 
make a difference. And our future may hang in the balance. 
When we choose to ignore history, we are doomed to repeat it. 

love always, Tim

Timothy Martin Flangan, editor of The Portland Alliance, 
"Speaking Truth to Power for 30 Years."
http://www.theportlandalliance... / 
Box 14162, Portland, Oregon 97293-0162
Phone: (503)-327-8377 Fax: (503)-327-8949 

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