Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Are broke or broken, or can be fight back!

The reason we are in debt is because speculators, unimpeded by meaningful 
regulation, destroyed our economic system... because they could.  And started
crippling wars of choice, because they chose to.    

And now, instead of ending corporate adventurism abroad, we talk about cutting
basic human services at home.  Absolute nonsense.  Not a statement of policy
but a retreat to delusion.  A bald-faced lie.

The debt or its ceiling is beside the point.  We must end regressive corporate welfare, 
reinvest in America, and remove lifetime congressional welfare workers.  

When we end the war and restore congressional retirement benefits to 
the Social Security Trust Fund from whence they came, we will be on 
the way to becoming solvent. There is no good reason for public servants 
to give themselves raises and untenable benefits extending beyond their 
time in service. Simple extortion.  They need pay cuts and chill pills.  

As we rebuild the trust fund we can invest in job creation at home, 
rebuilding our infrastructure instead of paying corporate contractors
to exploit taxpayers at home and those they misuse our forces to 
occupy and expliot abroad. 

The Chickens have come home to roost.  And it has little to do 
with debt-ceiling rhetoric and everything to do with the bottom line.

We deserve justice, integrity, and competence. 
It is time we demanded accountability and reparations.
We are not broke or broken.  We are being robbed.  
It is time to restore the rule of law. 


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