Wednesday, May 29, 2013

  • Obama's terrorism speech:

    Our export of terror continues.

    "What should be beyond

     dispute, at this

     point, is that Obama's

     speeches have very

     little to do with Obama's

     actions, except to the

     extent that they often

     signal what he intends not to do.

    How many 
    times does Obama

    have to 
    deliver a speech

    embracing a set of values

    policies, only to watch

    as he then 
    proceeds to do the opposite"

    "The Atlantic's Conor 

     Friedersdorf added that

     Obama "has a long record

    broken promises and

     misleading rhetoric

     on civil 

     ACLU's executive director

     Anthony Romero... noted,

    president still claims 

    authority to

     carry out targeted 

     far from any battlefield,

     and there is still


    McClatchy's Leslie Clark and Jonathan Landay

    astutely n
    oted that Obama's formulation for

    when drone 
    strikes should be used was broader

    than past government statements which meant he

    "appeared to be laying groundwork for an expansion

      of the controversial 
    targeted killings"

    ...his speech had something for everyone, which

    is  another way of saying that it offered nothing

      definitive or even reliable about future actions.

     No matter how good it made some 

     progressives feel, it's impossible rationally to assess

     Obama's future posture regarding the war on terror,

     secrecy and civil liberties except by his actions.

    one sees actual changes in behavior and substance 

     on those issues, cheering for those 
    changes as though

     they already occurred or are guaranteed is the height
     of self-delusion."


    Obama's terrorism speech: seeing what you want to see

    Glenn Greenwald: See More

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