Monday, June 10, 2013

Is Lars from Mars?

Anyone who believes Obama has the support of 70% of the country has been listening to too much talk radio or mainstream media.

Entertainment is not news. And Gitmo is an international disgrace.

But Lars Larson is not a news analyst, not by a long shot. His is a sick form of entertainment embraced by the semi-literate and abysmally misinformed. A huge part of Obama's election did come about because of his race, but this was certainly not the primary factor. Follow the money.

“I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”   ~Martin Luther King, Jr.
Lars is wont to judge Obama by the color of his skin. I find Obama's character lacking. He's not stupid, which makes him either a moral coward or a thug.

Obama was elected because the corporate cons played on the fears and apprehensions of the American people. He got the anti-Romney vote, the corporate vote, Republican votes, and the political spin machines convinced people that voting for a third party was voting for Romney. They were wrong.

There is nothing “great” about Obama except his oratorical skills. When it comes down to substance and integrity, he has none. He sold out the people who supported peace, justice and freedom and sucked up to the people who continue to deliver endless war, judicial homicide, drone war crimes and corporate hegemony. I find nothing wonderful about four news wars, no kindness in putting corporate cons in charge of health care delivery, and absolute cowardice in his abject surrender to the right wing. Anyone who finds courage in the murder of innocents is simply not paying attention.

Obama is not a “left wing hack,” unless you are willing to buy into the most transparent of the corporate spin. He governs like a right wing Republican war hawk. It was never Obama's intention to "bring our races together." He intended to get elected... and now he is a very rich man.

Lars Larson, however, is not speaking anything resembling truth, he is appealing to incipient racism. Most people really can't handle the truth. (One of Clint's better lines.) The truth is Obama could not be farther from left and stands to the right of Ronnie Reagan, George Bush, Dick Cheney, Romney, Rumsfeld, et al.

The fact that Obama is a jerk with no scruples is not what makes Lars a bigot. Lars established his credentials as a bigot years ago.

“How many times have we heard Lars and his ilk insist they are not racist? "I'm not racist, but ... ." The hell with "but." There is no "but." The argument is clear: We cannot give amnesty to "illegal aliens" because they are "guys like this." Or -- at the very least and to be far more charitable than they deserve -- because the masses of brown hordes invading our country include a disproportionate number of "guys like this."

"We must stop illegal immigrants because they will rape our children!"

Lars excels at issuing reactionary bile on his program, but this little snotty remark -- with its overtly racist insinuation , tucked away on his web site -- goes quite a bit further. It is something to remember the next time you hear, "I'm not racist, but ... ." With a comment like this, he proudly aligns himself with the most extreme right-wing elements in this country, openly fascistic elements. He endears himself even to those racists he may be given to condemn on the air. But let's cut the bullshit, please. These guys speak the same language. They know the code.

The beauty of Larson's undiluted bit of venom is that is so pure. There is no code, no wink-and-nod. It is clear what he means, and he means what he says: we can't let "guys like this" in our country BECAUSE they are "like this," -- they are guys prone to raping 10-year-old girls! If that were actually true, how could one possibly argue against building a 20-foot wall topped with razor wire and a moat full of alligators along the entire U.S.-Mexican border?

Larson likes to boast, cigar in hand, that he speaks for true American conservatives, not Republicans in Name Only, but the real deal, those lost souls who worship Reagan. On that, I'll take him at his word. If one wants to understand the dark heart of darkness that beats vibrantly within the Republican Party, I present to you their unofficial spokesman: Lars Larson of KXL radio, Oregon's own right-wing, racist pig.

Yes, racist. Racist to the core.”

~Lyle Wallace

And I am sorry Walter Perkins, but Obama fooled you again. He is a notch above average intelligence, absolutely insincere, and the furthest thing from authentic. He sold us out on health care, peace, fixing infrastructure and has not even bothered to address our failing schools.

And his claim that illegal assassinations and drone warfare are justice has lost us any credibility for years to come. The bottom line is his embrace of judicial homicide as a “good thing.” It is this surrender of integrity which allows him to condone endless war while he talks about peace. He talks the talk, but when the cameras are turned off, he turns tail, takes the money and runs in the opposite direction.

Obama was reelected in spite of the color of his skin. When you are running against a Romney, the fear factor is pretty high and many Americans, during the flim-flam of a national campaign, can be cowed into voting for the so-called “lesser evil.” But it is time for us to stop settling for evil and demand integrity.

George Bush, the problem child of the Bush family, did very little. His claim to ignorance was valid. During the Cheney-Bush presidency... Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeld, Douglas Feith, Lewis "Scooter" Libby, Dick Cheney, John R Bolton, Colin Powell, Elliott Abrams, James Woolsey, and Richard Perle ran the show.

But Obama, by talking left and leading from the right has been much worse for this nation than Bush. He added four more wars, drones, offshore drilling, and letting off profiteers and lawbreakers to Bush's mere two war road show.

Lars is a racist and he plays on fears related to incipient racism... but Obama is either a coward or compromised. His intransigence, aggression, embrace of endless war, failure to lead, and attacks on the American people have crippled this nation, forfeited any legitimacy we might have established, and leave a sad legacy of war, coffins, crime and chaos. We can do better.

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